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Unpacking Birth / Trauma Debrief


Holding your beautiful new baby close, you have a 1000 reasons to smile and yet, at the same time, you feel that something is very off.


You think back to your pregnancy when you felt excitement & joy, but those feelings have faded away.


If you're really being honest you wonder if you even like yourself some days.  


when you try to remember your birth, casting your mind back in an attempt to process everything, parts of it are cloudy. 


You're certain other mothers must go through this too, right? 

You know you can't change what took place. And you’re working on accepting what happened...but you find yourself going back over the details, trying so hard to process it all.

What *did* really happen?

The fact that the details are so hazy definitely doesn’t help.

Maybe you had a natural birth at home and the midwife kept placing her hands inside your body, and made it hard to open and relax. 

You can't help but feel like this was a violation, or at the very least a distraction from what your body was trying to do naturally.

You’ve certainly wondered if all the poking and prodding might have something to do with some of what came after...Maybe you bled more than you thought was normal, and felt afraid, but you’re almost scared to bring that up with your midwife or doctor, despite these thoughts lingering in your memory. 


If you experienced a c-section, you may have been told that it was necessary to save your baby,

...and of course your baby’s life was always your top priority, but you can’t help but wonder if the surgery was really necessary.


Is it selfish to have these thoughts? Some days you just can’t help it.


Maybe, if you were induced, you might feel in your heart that your baby just wasn't ready. After the IV was placed, interventions came one after another and it’s probably all a blur.


The feelings of sadness and confusion are sometimes overwhelming.

Precious moments are passing by, and time is moving quickly now. 


Get it together. Pick up the pieces.

You wear a smile, but your heart is singing a song; A song you can't ignore; A song that says; 


"There is more mama, room to explore, and discover through self love, healing and connection."   


You understand there's  no going back, you move forward knowing you must make new choices in order to untie the knots in your belly and lift the weight that's been holding you down.

You tremble, you break down, or hide your emotions, and try and "stay strong", but it's taking more and more effort to keep it together.  

These are just some of the signs that you might be holding birth trauma inside of your body and spirit. You’re not alone.

You are here, now, not by coincidence but by an inner trust and love in yourself and intuition.


My birth trauma debrief session provides you with a container to tell your birth story while being held and listened to, never judged or shamed. I'll offer you some of the tools I've been given, and have found to be transformative and extremely powerful. Along with these tools I will lead you in a targeted healing meditation, share story medicine, ritual, and wise women resources to help guide you along your path. 

You will receive:


  • Targeted healing meditation


  •  Self Mastery tools. 


  • Song play and/or movement, healing rituals 


  • Q & A & Resources with 1 follow up e-mail 


This offering provides you with a 90 minute session that connects us over FaceTime or Zoom. If you are in the Portland Oregon area I'm open to meeting in person. 



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