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My journey 

Hi, my name is Jess -


I'm a mother, birth consultant, songstress, and a radical advocate for women's bodily autonomy. I created The Mother Web during the World wide pandemic that began in 2020. I was through with feeling victimized and ready for a huge shift into radical responsibility of my life's purpose. Done with my scarcity mindset and ready for everything that was waiting for me, I took a leap and began my studies as a radical birth keeper/mentor & consultant serving women in my community and beyond. 


I found it to be extremely challenging to find heart centered care most of my pregnancy. I left the hospital system at 35 weeks to avoid an unnecessary c-section & eventually found the wise women who guided me home to myself. My son is now 5, and I have since witnessed many mothers giving birth.


My journey would eventually lead me to The Radical Birth Keeper School. These radical women have shown me the way to self mastery and each day is a practice. They provide me with the most potent and real information I have come across around birth & motherhood. They've guided me in understanding the importance of bringing women together, and so here we are....


The Mother Web, a sacred space for women to authentically speak their deepest truths while being held and listen too. Here we share stories, song, ritual and discover through connection while weaving a wild web of wisdom & love. 



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