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Becoming Mother /

Exploring Birth and Pregnancy 



When you close your eyes and envision motherhood you feel happy and excited. Sometimes fear and different thoughts come to you, but you know you're ready. 


You understand motherhood is a path that has been chosen for you, and embarking on this journey has been a part of your story for as long as you can remember.


Maybe this baby is a surprise, and everything that will happen next is seeming mysterious, you are preparing to shift into the unknown....  


Your heart is connected to this experience, and you're ready to dedicate your energy to create a beautiful and grounded foundation for yourself and your baby, but it's starting to feel more complicated.  


Ultimately, you want a healthy baby, but sometimes you wonder if it’s selfish to expect a beautiful birth, and to even begin planning all the tiny details that you feel are important.


Maybe you want to just go for it, and don’t want to over think things, so wonder what does matter when it comes to all this *stuff*.


You know things often change during birth and you hear stories of birth going wrong. You can’t help but listen with a critical ear, out of love, and wonder how your pregnancy and birth will turn out?


Your intuition tells you to trust in your body, and in your baby, but somedays are harder than others. Doubt does creep in.


When you really think about it, navigating pregnancy and birthing is overwhelming. 


You consider the options for care and it still seems that something is missing. 


If you’re really being honest with yourself, You have allot to consider and some big choices to make. 


You want to start planning your birth from a place of excitement, love and trust!


You crave connection , you’re ready to plan your birth and begin to understand all of your options.


Your mind races with thoughts of the people you love giving birth, and all of the stories you’ve been told.  


It could be that the women in your family birthed their babies in the hospital, so that would be the choice for you as well, right?


You want what is most *safe* for you and your baby, and you know the hospital is where you'll feel most comfortable. 


Maybe you’ve been feeling more hesitant to birth there since the pandemic, and just need someone to process all of this with.


Or possibly you’ve been considering your birth for years and you’ve decided to have a home birth with a Midwife, and a Doula. You've always dreamt of a water birth, but what happens when you transfer?  


You could be getting prenatal care and don’t feel a connection to your birth support team. Or, where you live, it’s really hard to find women centered care. 


Maybe you've hear about Free Birth, and feel comfortable birthing with your family at home, but you're curious where to start. How can you be prepared?


You wish you had someone to discuss all of this with outside of your bubble. It’s times like these you wonder “where’s my village?” 


It feels like there is a void, you want women around you who understand birth, who authentically believe that women’s bodies work and aren’t broken. 


You envision women in your presence who trust in you, and can help guide you with wise women resources. You want a powerful birth, one in which you make the calls, and are supported and loved, no matter what. 


You know that women can make their own choices for themselves and their babies, and that you will find the wise women who will bring you home to yourself.


Pregnancy and birth will show you every part of you. Every nook and cranny of your emotional self, your fears, where you shine the brightest and who really believes in you.


There is so much room to grow.  


You are gearing up for the birth of your baby, and the rebirth of your own spirit.


When you’re supported and held through this journey by other women who understand birth and sisterhood, you can work through the most challenging times. 


You can take on your dreams, and tackle your biggest fears with willingness to embody and envision whatever you want on this path.


There are ways to shift & open when given the gift of surprise. Something we, as mothers, see often.



In this 90 minute session we will begin with a targeted healing mediation and heart opening. I'll welcome you to share your wildest dreams and most intense fears. If you would like to discuss your pregnancy you can tell me whatever's on your mind, and ask me anything. I may not have the answers, but I can share my sources with you and we can dive in! Allow me to understand how I can best serve you, in complete confidentiality. 


We can also cover:   

  • Where you'll birth


  • Who will be at your birth 


  •  What your support team will look like 


  •  What happens to you & your baby after birth

  • Powerful birth affirmations


  • Sisterhood support & connection

  • Self Mastery Tools 


This offering provides you with a 90 minute session that connects us over FaceTime or Zoom. If you are in the Portland Oregon area I'm open to meeting in person. 


$125 USD

Unpacking Birth / Trauma Debrief


Holding your beautiful new baby close, you have a 1000 reasons to smile and yet, at the same time, you feel that something is very off.


You think back to your pregnancy when you felt excitement & joy, but those feelings have faded away.


If you're really being honest you wonder if you even like yourself some days.  


when you try to remember your birth, casting your mind back in an attempt to process everything, parts of it are cloudy. 


You're certain other mothers must go through this too, right? 

You know you can't change what took place. And you’re working on accepting what happened...but you find yourself going back over the details, trying so hard to process it all.

What *did* really happen?

The fact that the details are so hazy definitely doesn’t help.

Maybe you had a natural birth at home and the midwife kept placing her hands inside your body, and made it hard to open and relax. 

You can't help but feel like this was a violation, or at the very least a distraction from what your body was trying to do naturally.

You’ve certainly wondered if all the poking and prodding might have something to do with some of what came after...Maybe you bled more than you thought was normal, and felt afraid, but you’re almost scared to bring that up with your midwife or doctor, despite these thoughts lingering in your memory. 


If you experienced a c-section, you may have been told that it was necessary to save your baby,

...and of course your baby’s life was always your top priority, but you can’t help but wonder if the surgery was really necessary.


Is it selfish to have these thoughts? Some days you just can’t help it.


Maybe, if you were induced, you might feel in your heart that your baby just wasn't ready. After the IV was placed, interventions came one after another and it’s probably all a blur.


The feelings of sadness and confusion are sometimes overwhelming.

Precious moments are passing by, and time is moving quickly now. 


Get it together. Pick up the pieces.

You wear a smile, but your heart is singing a song; A song you can't ignore; A song that says; 


"There is more mama, room to explore, and discover through self love, healing and connection."   


You understand there's  no going back, you move forward knowing you must make new choices in order to untie the knots in your belly and lift the weight that's been holding you down.

You tremble, you break down, or hide your emotions, and try and "stay strong", but it's taking more and more effort to keep it together.  

These are just some of the signs that you might be holding birth trauma inside of your body and spirit. You’re not alone.

You are here, now, not by coincidence but by an inner trust and love in yourself and intuition.


My birth trauma debrief session provides you with a container to tell your birth story while being held and listened to, never judged or shamed. I'll offer you some of the tools I've been given, and have found to be transformative and extremely powerful. Along with these tools I will lead you in a targeted healing meditation, share story medicine, ritual, and wise women resources to help guide you along your path. 

You will receive:


  • Targeted healing meditation


  •  Self Mastery tools. 


  • Song play and/or movement, healing rituals 


  • Q & A & Resources with 1 follow up e-mail 


This offering provides you with a 90 minute session that connects us over FaceTime or Zoom. If you are in the Portland Oregon area I'm open to meeting in person. 



New Mother Postpartum/Pandemic Support

You could have never imagined bringing your newborn baby into a world during a pandemic.

The isolation and the lack of community is slowly destroying you, and you have this tiny baby to take care of.  


You're feeling totally disconnected.


How can anyone possibly understand what you're going through? 


Maybe the pandemic has made it harder to see friends and family, or they want to come see your baby, but you're feeling afraid.


You question wether or not you made a bad choice, giving birth in a world that can feel like such a mess.


You think about the future and struggle to see the light, a sense of helplessness comes over you, this baby is depending on you for absolutely everything.   


The night fades into day, you put on your armor and keep going, you really do have so much to be grateful for....


Questions keep coming up in your mind...


How is breastfeeding really going?


Is my baby getting *enough*?


Why do they keep waking up?


How can this be normal? It feels awful.....


Maybe your nipples are sore and you try to google search the answers, but only find ads and don't know who to trust. You discover that navigating postpartum care and resources feels more and more overwhelming.


There's tons of misinformation and with a lack of support, it's very difficult. 


It's as if you're ​power struggling through postpartum, in the dark, with a deep sense of sadness, anger, and frustration.


You've heard of postpartum depression, is this it?


You want to feel happiness again, It's pretty obvious that you need genuine support, love and connection.


Just to cry and be held, would bring so much relief.


Could there be something wrong with you?


You're craving someone to just vent to, it would feel so good to share your birth story, and how you're really feeling. You also have some questions for someone who knows women, and who understands birth.

On a good day you see yourself walking into motherhood with a deep sense of power, how could you be so lost on the bad days?


Knowing how sacred this journey could be makes you feel lighter and more free, but is it actually possible? The idea of finding community and creating your new path makes your whole body light up with joy. 


You see yourself laughing and playing in the sunshine. You're strong, and held up by the sisterhood wisdom, the love and connection you've been craving.

My New Mother Pandemic Postpartum sessions start with a guided meditation, and heart opening. Let's dive deep into the questions you may have about your postpartum experience and talk about everything you're feeling. We can discuss the most powerful tools and useful resources that I know. I have beautiful music to share and rituals that I cannot wait to pass on to you. We can work with song play and/or dance movement if you choose.


This is a time to connect in love and willingness, while exploring the deepest parts of yourself.


My New Mother Pandemic Postpartum sessions provide you: 

  • Targeted healing meditation 

  • Nutrition Consult 

  • Ritual, song play and/or movement  

  • Q&A your postpartum questions answered


  •  Resources and 1 follow up e-mail 


This offering provides you with a 90 minute session that connects us over FaceTime or Zoom. If you are in the Portland Oregon area I'm open to meeting in person. 



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