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Welcome to The Mother Web, a sacred space for women to authentically speak their deepest truths while being held and listen too. Here we share stories, song, ritual and discover through connection while weaving a wild web of wisdom & love. 



“ I had a wonderful birth experience with Jessica as my doula and witness!


This was my second birth, and though the first had been traumatic, I felt confident that I knew what I wanted. I didn't want a lot of people there this time around; just my partner, my sister-in-law, and someone close to me but not in my actual family to hold space. Jessica filled this role beautifully. She never interfered or told me what to do, just helped me stay hydrated, grabbed my partner food when he needed it, and most importantly, served as a witness who knew my story and believed in my power. It was a beautiful, healing experience, and I'm so glad Jess was there with me.”


-Kelly Sparks 

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I'm excited to share The Mother Web monthly playlists with you! These collections will feature *mostly* women based artist, producers & musicians. This is healing music, music to dance to, sing, cry, play, laugh, & share, and keep an eye out for my original music as well! I really enjoy sifting endlessly to find these gems for you! 

All the love,
The Mother Web 

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Thank you for attending my free Women Web offerings, donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated. -Jess

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